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Aspen Ridge Square SW, in Aspen Woods, Calgary

Ironically, the flat roof construction might make these units seem bland from a satellite view, but they are some of the most upscale villas in Calgary, and recently built, as the photo conveys.  Not condos, but HOA fee for lawn/snow maintenance.  Built starting in 2015 by Rockwood Custom Homes.

These units are spacious 1800-1900 sq.ft. on the main level.

Price Range:  $1,725,000-$2,000,000.  (Three year sales history).  See photos below.  

Bridle Estates Place (and Way, and Road, and Mews) SW, in Bridlewood, Calgary

Very close to Spruce Meadows. Some of these units have very high garage ceiling which is perfect for storage or a hoist/lift for your summer car.  Not condos, HOA fee only.  Built 2006-2011.  Square footage 1200-1775.  Age-restricted 55+.

Price Range:  $530,000-$805,000.  See photos below.

Candle Terrace SW, in Canyon Meadows, Calgary  'Fish Creek Villas'

Many Candle Terrace units are 2-storeys, some are 4 level splits and some are bungalows. 'Fish Creek Villas' are just footsteps to Fish Creek Park for walks or bike rides, or even fishing in the Bow River.

Price Range for Bungalows:  $420,000-$635,000.  See photos below.

Cedar View Mews SW, in Cedarbrae, Calgary

Bare land condos, built 1996-1997.  Square footage on main levels 1170-1280.  Very affordable, and likely to get a boost from Stoney Trail extension.  Mix of single garages and double garages.

Price Range:  $402,000-$470,000.  (Pricing for Bungalows).  See photos below.

Cedargrove Lane SW, in Cedarbrae, Calgary  ("Marywood Lane")

'Marywood Lane' is a single street of bare land condos built  in 1999-2002.  Some back on a park with a small playground.  No age restrictions.  Square footage above grade: 1030-1830 sq.ft.  Some of the units are 'storey and a half' style.

Price Range:  $365,000-$500,000.  See photos below.

Ceduna Park SW (and Ceduna Lane, and some on 28th St SW), in Cedarbrae, Calgary  ('Oakfield Park Villas')

 'Oakfield Park Villas' are conventional condos, with condo fees, but no HOA fee.  Built in 1993-1994.  These are 55+ units, and range in size from 1180-1260 sq.ft.

Price Range:  $330,000-$457,000.  See photos below.

Christie Park Manor SW, in Christie Park, Calgary

Ravine views and spectacular city views!  Not condos, HOA fee only.  Built in 1989-1994.  Some units back on a nice ravine.  Square footage is 1225-1585 sq.ft.

Price Range:  $730,000-$1,050,000.    See photos below.

99 Christie Point SW, in Christie Park, Calgary  ('Christie Point Estates')

The villas at 'Christie Point Estates' are all semi-detached bungalows, and bare land condos (you own the lot).  They were built in 1995-1996, and range in size from 1200-1300 sq.ft. Some units have very nice mountain views, and many are walkouts.

Price Range:  $640,000-$790,000.  See photos below.

Christie Park Terrace SW, in Christie Park, Calgary ("Ravine Estates")

'Ravine Estates' villas are conventional condos, built in 1992, with tile roofing.  Some units have oversized or even triple garages.  These villas have unique and impressive interior vaulted ceilings with skylights for lots of natural lighting.  Square footage is 1450-1625 sq.ft.

Price Range:  $440,000-$545,000.  See photos below.

Christie Gardens SW, in Christie Park, Calgary  ('Christie Garden Estates')

'Christie Garden Estates' are conventional condos, built in 1992.  They are located within an easy walk to the LRT.  Nice vaulted ceilings and welcoming covered entries.  Sizes range from 1300-1530 sq.ft.

Price Range:  $410,000-$660,000

Costello Boulevard SW, in Christie Park, Calgary   ('Christie Park Mews')

There are just eight  villa units on the entry road into this condo development.  You may have to wait a while for one of these units to become available, but if you are looking for a villa in Christie Park, it is helpful to know all your options.  These bungalow villas are all similarly sized, around 1050 sq.ft.  They were built in 1994.  They have double garages and walkout basements.  They are located very close to a beautiful ravine with walking trails and pathways.

Price Range:  $465,000-$570,000.

6841 Coach Hill Road SW, in Coach Hill, Calgary ('Coulee Ridge')

'Coulee Ridge' overlooks greenspace to the south and east.  These are bare land condos, built in 1997-1998.  They are surrounded by nice mature trees, and range in size from 1200-1420 sq.ft.  These ones rarely come to market so the pricing below stretches back a few years and could easily increase noticeably as renovated units come to market in the future.

Price Range:  $440,000-$555,000.

Coach Side Terrace (and some on Coach Side Road) SW, in Coach Hill, Calgary  ('Horizon Village - Coach Hill')

Are you looking for an age-restricted development?  'Horizon Village - Coach Hill' is 50+.  These are conventional condos, built in 1988.  The units range in size from 880 to 1230 sq.ft., and have a mix of single and double garages.  There is a fantastic clubhouse (with easy access thanks to a no-stairs entrance, plus an interior elevator)!  The clubhouse includes two kitchens, a large living room, an upper eating area, and a huge dining room downstairs, plus a games room (including a pool table).  Its easy to make friendships here!  If you are thinking of viewing a property here and would like access to view the clubhouse as well, just let me know.

Price Range:  $350,000-$560,000.  See photos below.

Cougar Ridge Landing SW, in Cougar Ridge, Calgary ('The Landing at Cougar Ridge')

Executive townhome bungalow villas!  The perimeter units backing west and south in this development are beautiful villas, built in 2013 by Statesman.  Incredible ravine, city, and valley views.  The parking is under the units so that the basements are partial.  The main level design is clever with a triangular jut-out at the back of each unit to allow for views to the east and the west!   Nice interior finishing.  These are conventional condos from 1470 to 1650 sq.ft.

Price Range:  $625,000-$1,000,000.

Crestridge Bay (and Crestmont Boulevard) SW, in Crestmont, Calgary

Construction on these bare land townhome villas began in 2018.  Built by Partner Development Group, they are 850-1250 sq.ft.  Some are walkouts backing directly onto a pond with a walking path around the pond and additional paths throughout the community.  Crestmont has an annual HOA fee for the splash park at the community centre and runs several neighbourhood socials each year.  The picture shows units with single garages but there are also some with double garages.  Crestmont is on the extreme west side of the city, close to Hwy 1 for quick access to the mountains!

Price Range:  $650,000-$700,000.  See photos below.

Discovery Woods Villas SW, in Discovery Ridge, Calgary ('Discovery Wood Villas')

Interesting detail:  The street name and the development name are almost identical, just differentiating by one letter s on 'Woods' or 'Wood'.  These are bare land condos built in 2002, with an annual HOA fee, and square footages ranging from 1250-1550.  Discovery Ridge is a community with many appealing pathways and forested space for nature walks.

Price Range:  $495,000-$895,000.   

Discovery Ridge Lane SW, in Discovery Ridge, Calgary   ('The Wedgewoods')

'The Wedgewoods' are bare land condos built in 2004.  There is tennis/pickleball right next door!  Units are between 1300-1400 sq.ft. with some nice exterior wood detailing, and very high ceilings, making the units feel even larger than their actual square footage.  

Price Range:  $555,000-$675,000.

Evercreek Bluffs Place SW, in Evergreen, Calgary

These units are bare land condos, built in 2005.  Some have double garages, some are single garages.  Main level sizes are approximately 1100-1200 sq.ft.  Proximity to Stoney Trail makes accessibility much better.  Condo fees are low.

Price Range:  $537,000-$636,000.     See photos below. 


Evercreek Bluffs View SW, in Evergreen, Calgary

These units are not condos, HOA fees only.  They range in size from 1400 to 1780 sq.ft., and they don't often come to market.  One of the great features of the community of Evergreen is its close proximity to Fish Creek Park.  From these Villas, you have pathways overlooking Fish Creek starting at the entry to your cul-de-sac.  Some of the larger units have an upper loft area with its own bathroom, perfect for guests or an office space.

Price Range:  $575,000-$612,000.

Everglade Way SW, in Evergreen, Calgary

Built in 2003, these units are not condos, and the HOA fees are extremely low!  Located extremely close to Fish Creek Park and ranging in size from 1255-1380 sq.ft.  There are many two-storeys on this street, but the pricing below is for the bungalow units.

Price Range:  $550,000-$660,000.

Everstone Blvd SW (and Drive), in Evergreen, Calgary  ('Everstone Place')

'Everstone Place' is a collection of bare land condos.  The bungalow units range in size from 980-1100 sq.ft., each with a single attached garage.  Close to lots of shopping and to Fish Creek Park.  City bus transit right to the edge of the development.  Built in 2001-2002.  Excellent access from Stoney Trail via 162nd Ave or James McKevitt Road.  In the satellite photo below, the bungalow units are the rows on the west and south sides of the development.

Price Range:  $356,000-$420,000.   See photos below.

Gladstone Gardens SW, in Glamorgan, Calgary  ('Gladstone Gardens')

'Gladstone Gardens' is a development of conventional condos built in 1989.  Great central location in Glamorgan whereas most villa developments tend to be toward the periphery of the city.  The units range in size from 1250-1350 sq.ft., and are mainly bungalow townhomes, meaning 3 or more attached units per structure, all with an attached garage.

Price Range:  $500,000-$680,000.  See photos below.

Glenmore Green SW, in Kelvin Grove, Calgary  ('Glenmore Green')

These conventional condos known as 'Glenmore Green' were built in 1990 and have an 18+ age restriction.  They are all quite similar in size, between 1530 and 1580 sq.ft.  Great location for a medical professional... very close to Rockyview.

Price Range:  $460,000-$615,000.

Lincoln Manor SW, in Lincoln Park, Calgary   ('Horizon - Lincoln Park')

This is 'Horizon- Lincoln Park'.  This development is age-restricted to 50+ or possibly 55+ by the time you are viewing this.   Conventional condos, no HOA fees, ranging in size from 960-1320 sq.ft., and with a mix of single and double garages.

Price Range:  $365,000-$700,000

Lincoln Green SW, in Lincoln Park, Calgary  (also known as 'College Green')   

A mixture of bungalow and 2 storey homes with single garages.  Built in 1994, these conventional condos are between 1230 and 1330 sq.ft. on the main level.  The pricing provided is for the two most recent bungalow units in this development, but the price range will like jump upwards a bit on the next bungalow sale.

Price Range:  $415,000 +/-   Need more sales to clarify the range.  If you own one of these units and are thinking of selling, I would be happy to offer an opinion on proper value.

Richelieu Court SW, in Lincoln Park, Calgary  'Royal Park Estates'

'Royal Park Estates' - Conventional condos with a 40+ age-restriction.  Single level units, run from 1140 to 1560 sq.ft.

Price Range:  $395,000-$580,000.  

Millbank Hill SW, in Millrise, Calgary  

No condo fees, or HOA fees.  Homeowner maintained.  Built between 1991 and 1993, the homes range in size from 915-1380 sq.ft.  Fully fenced yards are perfect for pets.

Price Range:  $390,000-$510,000

72 Millside Drive SW, in Millrise, Calgary  ('Millside Villas')

Strangely, this sattelite map has the wrong street name marked here.  This is 72 Millside Drive SW (Millrose Place is a street to the west of this location).  

'Millside Villas' are bare land condos, built in 1995.  They range in size from 1030-1230 sq.ft.  Many of them are bungalows.  Some are bi-levels on foward-sloping lots enabling a portion of the living area to be built above the garage.

Price Range:  $350,000-$510,000

Paliswood Park and Palisprior Road and Palermo Way SW, in Palliser, Calgary  ("West Park- Phase 1")

'West Park - Phase 1' is a development of villas which are conventional condos, built in 1992.  They are very spacious at 1760-1860 sq.ft. on the main level.  Such an easy walk from here to the Glenmore Reservoir pathways or the Glenmore Landing shops.

Price Range:  $750,000-$785,000.

2121 98th Ave SW, in Palliser, Calgary  ('The Wyngate of Pumphill')

The Wyngate of Pumphill' is a villa development of bare-land condos (you own the lot), built in 2003.  They range in size from 1300-1800 sq.ft.  They have very nice curb appeal!  Close to Glenmore Landing shopping, Rockyview Hospital and the reservoir pathways for a walk or bike ride.

Price Range:  $675,000-$773,000.  See photos below.

100 or 200 Palisbriar Park SW, in Palliser, Calgary,   (also known as 'Briar Park Estates')

Welcome to 'Briar Park Estates'.  This is a 55+ community.  Surrounded by mature trees, these villas have tile roofing, and attached garages.  Some even have a triple garage which is rare among villas.   Spacious 1300-1830 sq.ft. floor plans.

Price Range:  $583,000-$757,000.  See photos below.

Oakbriar Close SW, in Oakridge, Calgary  ('Briar Oak Estates')

Conventional condos built in 1988, and with an age-restriction of 21+.  These villas range in size from 1215-1615 sq.ft.  On-site fenced RV parking space is a very unique characteristic.  Close to Southland Leisure Centre and much-improved access from the west side of the city on Stoney Trail.

Price Range:  $570,000-$682,000.

Patina Court SW, in Patterson, Calgary  ('Patterson Ridge Estates')

With gated entrance, these townhome bungalow villas were built in 1996.  This is a quiet, 'no pets' development.  Conventional condos (shared land ownership).   Size range is 1300-1475 sq.ft.  Some of these units back onto the 'Hart Mansion', but with mature trees offering great privacy for everybody.  There are some amazing skyline views from this location.  You will love the generous use of brick for the exterior, and tile roofing.

Price Range:  $420,000-$525,000.   More sales are needed to lift this range.

Prominence Point SW, in Patterson, Calgary   ('The Brickburn')

Bare land condos built in 1992-1997.  These villas are 18+ age-restricted.  This is a gated community, designed like a double-ended cul-de-sac, resulting in many pie-shaped lots.  This is called 'The Brickburn' for obvious reasons when you see the sample exterior photo.

The units themselves range between 1680 and 1920 square feet on the main level.

Price Range:  $650,000-$1,100,000.  See photos below.

Prominence Path SW, in Patterson, Calgary  ('The Mansions at Prominence')

'The Mansions' are bare land condos, built in 1996-2000.  They range in size from 1400-2500 sq.ft., some of the larger ones having additional square footage over the garage.  If you would like the security of a gated community, and the timeless elegance of brick exteriors, consider Prominence Path SW.

Price Range:  $525,000-$800,000.

5790 Patina Drive SW, in Patterson, Calgary  ('The Terraces')

'The Terraces' a mix of two-storey and bungalow villas.  They are conventional condos, built in 1994.  Tile roofing on every unit.  Some bungalow units back onto an 'urban reserve'.  Five of these units have three-season (potentially four-season) sunrooms. The units are between 1220 and 1300 sq.ft.   Notice the proximity to the tennis/pickleball courts.  They are also very close to Edworthy Park.

Price Range:  $480,000-$575,000.  See photos below.

Patina Terrace SW, in Patterson, Calgary   ('Capilano Heights')

The villas at 'Capilano Heights'  are surrounded by greenspace.  They range in size from 1530 to 1870 sq.ft. above grade, all with a double attached garage.  From this elevated location, some of these units have very dramatic nature and city views.

Price Range:  $570,000-$680,000.  See photos below.

Patterson View SW, in Patterson, Calgary (Condo Development Historic Name: 'Indian Bluff')

These conventional townhome condos were built in 1995-1996.  There are two-storey units here but the bungalows can all be found together because they circle the ponds.  These bungalow units do not frequently come to market so please let me know if you would like a search established for the next bungalow listing here.  There is a centrally located clubhouse for social activities (just south of the east pond in the satellite photo below).

Price Range for Bungalow Units:  Around $500,000.  There have not been enough MLS sales to state a clear price range.

Prominence Heights SW, in Patterson, Calgary  'Prominence Hills'

Built from 1995 to 1997, these villas include a mix of bungalows and two-storeys.  The bungalows are between 1150-1490 sq.ft. on the main level.  There is access to lots of walking paths here and the development sits across the road from the spacious Coach-Hill Off-Leash Dog Park.

Price Range:  $475,000-$535,000.  

Prominence View SW, in Patterson, Calgary  ('Capilano Gardens')

Capilano Gardens is a combination of bungalow and 2-storey units.  The bungalow units are semi-detached with double garages and walkout basements, backing onto greenspace.  This is a conventional condo development, built in 1996.  The bungalows are all similar sizes, 1220-1275 sq.ft.   A photo of some of the 2-storey units is included to show their attractive design with corner turrets.

Price Range for Bungalow Units:  $500,000-$575,000.  See photos below.

Pump Hill Landing SW, in Pump Hill, Calgary  ('The Villas at Pump Hill')

'The Villas at Pump Hill' have no condo fees, HOA fee only.  Tile roofing.  Built in 1987-1989, These units range in size from 1530 to 1800 square feet on the main level.  The location speaks for itself, but I will point out its proximity to the Glenmore Reservoir for walks, bike rides or boating.  These units are large, and have no specific age restriction so the whole family could move in but most owners here are of retirement age.

Price Range:  $690,000-$950,000.  See photos below.

Shawnee Manor and Road SW, in Shawnee Slopes, Calgary

Built in 1988-1989, these villas are not condos.  They have HOA fees only.  Size range:  1320-1560 sq.ft.   Close to many amenities, including the LRT station.

Price Range:  $570,000-$704,000

Shawnee Rise SW, in Shawnee Slopes, Calgary  ('The Fairways of Shawnee Slopes')

These units are not condos, HOA fee only.  Built in 1986-1987, they are between 1360-1560 square feet on the main level.  Many of the units back directly onto Fish Creek Park.  The Shawnee Slopes public tennis courts are across the street!  The low end of the price range below is a bit dated because the units do not sell very often, so the low end of the range will likely rise noticeably, especially as renovated units come to market.  

Price Range:  $550,000-$660,000.  See photos below.

Shannon Estates Terrace SW, in Shawnessy, Calgary  'Shannon Estates Villas'

'Shannon Estates Villas' is a very large development of bare land condos, built in 2000-2003.  Age-restriction 35+.  Sizes: 1100-1500 sq.ft. on the main level.  There is a nice central greenspace pathway through the middle of the development, linking you up to additional pathways in the community.  A mixture of semi-detached, 3-plex, and 4-plex.  Close to everything you need, and with much-improved access, thanks to Stoney Trail.

Price Range:  $510,000-$654,000.   See photos below.

Signal Hill Lane (and Heights) SW, in Signal Hill, Calgary

Conventional condos built in 1997.  These ones rarely come to market.  Substantial greenspaces to the east and to the west.  1300-1400 sq.ft.  Close to Sunterra Market.  Also very close to the pedestrian bridge over Sarcee Trail to the Optimist Athletic Park.

Price Range:  $475,000-$680,000.  See photos below.

Signature Manor (and Signature Villas) SW, in Signal Hill, Calgary  ('Manor Villas')

The Manor Villas are bare land condos built by Statesman in 1997.  These ones are age-restricted 18+.  Ranging in size from 1150-1250 sq.ft.  Very accessible.  Quick to downtown via 17th/Bow, or north/south on Sarcee or Stoney Trail.

Price Range:  $400,000-$525,000.  See photos below.

Signature Court SW, in Signal Hill, Calgary  ('Georgian Bay Manors')

The 'Georgian Bay Manors' villas are bare land condos, built in 1995-2000.  Square footage:  1170-1540.  Very close to the LRT and Westside Rec Centre and lots of shopping.  Quick access to city central via 17th Ave.  Many walkout basements.  Mature trees.  

Price Range:  $595,000-$790,000.

Simcoe Place SW, in Signal Hill, Calgary  ('Stonehurst')

'Stonehurst' is comprised of bare land condos, built in 2000.  There are 24 semi-detached bungalows with double garages here.  These villas range in size from 1010-1640 sq.ft.  Immediately behind this villa development (to the the west) is the Westside Recreation Centre for a year-round active lifestyle!  They have nice exterior presentation.  Some overlook soccer fields with tremendous mountain views!

Price Range:  $585,000-$740,000.

Sienna Park Green SW, in Signal Hill, Calgary  ('Sienna Park Green Village')

Built by Calvanna as one of the 'Dreamview Village' developments, this villa complex actually has a hired caretaker for the common area.  They have a 55+ age-restriction.  Roughly half of them have walkout basements.  Tri-plexes, four-plexes.  The square footages range from 1130-1290.  There is a community clubhouse here with pool tables, shuffleboard, games tables, a library, exercise area and kitchen.  There is also a guest suite you can book for you out-of-town visitors.

Price Range:  $480,000-$520,000.

Sierra Morena Landing SW, in Signal Hill, Calgary  ('The Landings')

'The Landings' are bare land condos (you own the lot) built by Statesman from 1998 to 2000.  The units backing southwest and the units backing east are all semi-detached bungalow villas.  The main level sizes range from 1300 to 1450 sq.ft.  Lots of walking paths and close to many options for shopping.  Just across the 69th St bridge to Discovery Ridge where you can take a long nature walk in Griffith Woods Park.

Price Range:  $530,000-$625,000

Sierra Morena Green (and Terrace and Way) SW, in Signal Hill, Calgary

These villas have no condo fees.  They have a low Homeowner Assocation fee for lawn and snow maintenance.  Homeowner Associations (like this one) can still have Bylaws that Buyers should review when purchasing, so there remains some consistency to the look and feel of the overall development.  Built in 1993-1995, they range in size from 1200-1440 square feet.  Some of the units have excellent mountain views.  The units are fully accessible from south side and north sides so that althought the garages are technically 'rear-attached', it still appears like its the front of the home.  This maximizes windows on the south and west sides of each villa to take advantage of some fantastic views.

Price Range:  $390,000-$825,000.  

Sierra Morena Manor SW, in Signal Hill, Calgary 

The first of these villas was built in 2015.  These units are nicely upgraded.  This is one of very few new villa developments in SW Calgary.   Close to all the Westhills shopping, and easier than ever to access from north or south via Stoney Trail.  This is also just a short bike ride to Griffiths Woods.

Price Range:  $810,000-$855,000.    See photos below.

Silverado Crest Park SW, in Silverado, Calgary

Bare land condos built from 2017 to 2021 by Streetside Development Corporation.   Each villa unit is backing on greenspace.  All are bungalows with double attached garage.  An updated satellite photo will be loaded after the development is complete.

Price Range:  $705,000-$756,000

Somervale Point (and Link) SW, in Somerset, Calgary  ('Somer Point')

These bungalow villas with single garages were built in 1995-1997.  They are bare land condos (you own the lot).  Unit sizes range from 830 to 1220 sq.ft. above grade.  This is 18+ adult living.  Very close to lots of shopping, Shawnessy YMCA, and the Shawnessy LRT Station.

Price Range:  $370,000-$450,000.   See photos below.

Somervale Park SW, in Somerset, Calgary  ('Somerset Village')

'Somerset Village' is a mix of two-storey units and bungalows, with some lofted bungalows, and some split-levels floorplans as well.  They range in size from 940-1220 sq.ft. and all units have a single attached garage.  Close to lots of walking paths, shopping, and fitness options.

Price Range:  $395,000-$400,000.  See photos below.

Springbank Villas (and Springbank Terrace) SW, in Springbank Hill, Calgary

Bare land condos built from 2001 to 2005.  Sizes range from 1280-1460 sq.ft.  Many of these units have an upper level loft or bonus room, which accounts for about 270 sq.ft. out of the total square footage above grade.  As the street names depict, these villas are terraced so that row upon row has an opportunity at a nice view, mostly to the south, and some to the west.  Quite a few walkouts.  Age-restriction is 18+.

Price Range:  $485,000-$650,000.

Cortina Villas SW, in Springbank Hill, Calgary  ('Montreux Villas')

'Montreux Villas' are bare land condos (you own the lot), maintained through the Condo Association.  These villas were built in 2012 and have some really sharp exterior post and beam detailing.  They range in size from 1220-1370 square feet.  All thes villas have a double attached garage.  Uniquely, some of them are detached properties backing onto a treed reserve, but still within the condo association for maintenance.  Great curb appeal.  Some units with 2 bedrooms on the main level whereas most bungalow villas are single bedroom on the main.

Price Range:  $635,000-$825,000.

Elysian Crescent SW, in Springbank Hill, Calgary   ('Elysian Villas')

'Elysian Villas' are bare land condos, built in 2006-2010.  Recently repainted exteriors.  Close to much more expensive Springbank Hill villas, namely Elmont View & Place, and Elveden Court.  Units range in size from 1390 to 1800 sq.ft. on the main level.  Close to Westside Rec Centre.

The Elysian Crescent units pictured below range in price from $708,000-$865,000.

Elmont Place SW, in Springbank Hill, Calgary

These are bare land condos, which are self-managed meaning no Property Management Company is involved, keeping condo fees lower.  Built between 2008-2010, they range in size from 1600-1800 square feet.  Some of them are on forward-sloping lots resulting in what you would call a 'reverse walkout' with two exposed levels at the front and one at the back.  If you take a drive there or even look at Google Streetview, this will make sense.  The interior finishing is highly upgraded.

Price Range:  $1.1 million to $1.3 million

Elveden Court SW, in Springbank Hill, Calgary (Image from Builder Site)

Still under construction.  Please let me know if you need details.  I can represent you on your new villa purchase.  These lock-and-leave villas are next-generation quality.  Expect to pay $1.5-$1.9 million.

118 Strathcona Road SW, in Strathcona Park, Calgary  ('Horizon Village Strathcona')

Horizon Village Strathcona is a 50+ development (possibly 55+ in the near future).  This location has expansive city views.  A fair number of walkout basements.  A mix of double and single garages.  These are conventional condos (shared land ownership), with a really nice clubhouse for social events (which you can see in the satellite photo below, connected to the pathway).  These units were built in 1987 and range in size from 1000 to 1450 sq.ft.

Price Range:  $412,000-$580,000.   See photos below.

Strathearn Gardens SW, Strathcona Park, Calgary  (Qauintly named 'Lauras Villas')

Bare land condos, built in 1995.  Sizes are 1180-1370 sq.ft.  Some of these units overlook Sarcee Trail resulting in dramatic city views. Based on the lay of the land, the units with east or southeast backs have walkout basements.  From the end of the development you can step onto lengthy pathways along the ridge overlooking the city.

Price Range:  $375,000-$520,000.  New sales will very likely raise this range.

Straddock Villas SW, in Strathcona Park, Calgary

Tucked away at the end of a 'no thru road' in Strathcona Park, Straddock Villas is a small little enclave of just 24 bare land condos, built in 2002-2003.  Every unit is a semi-detached bungalow with a double garage.  Sizes range from 1330-1430 sq.ft.  Plenty of greenspace surrounds these units. 

Price Range:  $490,000-$580,000.   Newer sales will raise the range.

140 Strathaven Circle SW, in Strathcona Park, Calgary  ('Horizon Village-Strathaven')

Conventional condo structure, meaning you jointly own the space outside your unit instead of owning your own lot.  Built in 1987 and ranging in size from 980-1440 sq.ft. These ones are age-restricted to 50+, with likely change coming to 55+.   The community clubhouse has a kitchen upstairs and a kitchen downstairs, and lots of space for social events, plus ample parking for your visitors.  Most the units are double garage, some are single.  Sixteen of these units back onto a large greenspace.

Price Range: $410,000-$520,000.   See photos below.

Stratton Terrace SW, in Strathcona Park, Calgary  ('Chateaux Strathcona')

Built between 1979-1987. A conventional condo development (land is shared ownership).  'Chateaux Strathcona' has units ranging in size from 1520-2100 sq.ft.  There is a mixture of bungalows, some bilevels and some 2-storeys.  So they are all a bit unique from one another. There is even one Stratton Terrace villa with a triple garage.

Price Range:  $520,000-$740,000.

Wentworth Landing SW, in West Springs, Calgary  ('Wentworth')

This bare land villa development was built in 2004-2006.  In the desirable West Springs community, and surrounded by greenspace on both sides, this villa development has location bragging rights.  Close to all the shopping on West 85th.  The units are between 1175 and 1525 sq.ft. on the main level, all with double attached garage, and nice curb appeal.

Price Range:  $890,000 - $990,000.  See photos below.

West Jensen Place SW, in West Springs, Calgary

Built in 2005-2006, these villas are not condos, so there is no monthly condo fee or HOA fee for the development. Each property is owner-maintained with their own fully enclosed yard- great for privacy and pets!  Most have inground sprinklers to make maintenance easier and keep the development looking sharp.  There is a very low HOA fee for the larger community, for maintenance of public green spaces.  Most units are 1200 sq.ft. but some are as large as 1300 sq.ft.

Price Range:  $695,000-$755,000.

5555 Elbow Drive SW, in Windsor Park, Calgary

Built between 1990 and 1992, this gated hide-away offers bungalow villas, and a few 1.5 storeys, ranging in size from 1880 to 2580 sq.ft. above grade.  They are conventional condos.  Some of these villas directly overlook the grounds of the Calgary Golf and Country Club.

Five Year Price History:  $1.2 million - $2.1 million. 

Woodmeadow Close SW, in Woodlands, Calgary ('Woodmeadows - Phase 2')

Numerous 2-storeys, but many nice bungalows as well.  This development is included here largely due to the uniqueness of its location- extremely close to Fish Creek Park, and some of the units back directly onto the Canyon Meadows Golf and Country Club.  Built in 1987 the bungalows are all large - around 1800 sq.ft. on the main level. They have interlocking brick driveways, and nice central & perimeter greenspaces.  

Price Range:  $550,000-$630,000.

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