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Arbour Cliff Close and Court NW, in Arbour Lake, Calgary

Built in 1992, this development is popular because, for starters, it has no condo fees!  Only HOA for lawncare and snow removal.  The development is large, with 136 units centred around a greenspace for summer socials.  There is also an annual lake fee for swimming, boating, fishing, skating at Arbour Lake... well worth the reasonable annual fee!   It is close to the Crowfoot Village shopping centre, the YMCA, Hawkwood Baptist Church, and many other amenities.

Price Range: $380,000-$606,000.  See photos below.

Bow Landing NW, in Montgomery,  Calgary  (Some Units Back Directly Onto the Bow River)

This development also has no condo fees, only a low monthly HOA fee for grass-cutting and snow removal.   It is walking distance to Safeway and the Shouldice Pool.  Built in 1987, some of these units back directly onto the Bow River.  From this location, you have easy access to downtown or west to the mountains.  Quick access to tennis/pickleball courts at Shouldice Park and walking paths in Bowness Park, or follow the river pathways toward downtown for a longer bike ride.  Straight east on 16th Ave to McMahon Stadium if you like to go to Stampeders games :)

Price Range: $415,000-$745,000.  See photos below.

Edenwold Green NW, in Edgemont, Calgary  ('Dreamview Village')

'Dreamview Village' is a conventional condo development built in 1992.  If you want a really quiet development, this one has a 55+ age-restriction.  But don't be fooled there is a very active social dynamic in this development, largely thanks to the central clubhouse for community gatherings.  The historical sales in this development appear underpriced.  It has great potential for a positive pricing re-set.

Price Range:  $300,000 - $400,000.  See photos below.

Edgeland Close NW, in Edgemont, Calgary  ('Summit Point Estates')

The villas at "Summit Point Estates" were built in 1988 and 1989, these units include some semi-detached and some townhome units (tri-plex and greater).  All are surrounded by beautiful greenspace.  These are conventional condos.  The development includes some standard ground-level bungalows, some with walk-out basements, and some 'drive-under' bungalows, meaning the main level of the unit is over the garage.  Beautiful location!  Some of the units back onto a dog park for your four-legged friends.  There are also some tremendous views from many of these units.  There are three condo associations but all contained within this circular layout which means it will be easy to get to know others in your community when out for a stroll.

Price Range: $375,000-$550,000.  See photos below.

Edgeridge Terrace NW, in Edgemont, Calgary  ('Hillsboro')

'Hillsboro' is a collection of conventional condos, built around 1998, and gated on the west side.  There are some 2-storey duplex units, and some townhomes, but the units backing on the ravine are all semi-detached bungalows.  The ravine drops pretty sharply meaning you can see clear over the tree-tops- very impressive!  

Price Range:  $350,000-$675,000.  See photos below.

Edgevalley View NW, in Edgemont, Calgary  (Beautiful Ravine Views From Perimeter Units)

These are conventional condos surrounded by greenspace.  Built in 1994, the location feels pretty prestigious.  The units that sit on the perimeter have walkout basements and a bird's eye view looking down into the ravine.  The MLS pricing history does not tell the full story.  I was involved in a sale here just below $750,000, that never made it to the MLS.  Today that unit might sell at an even higher price due to extensive renovations and market changes.  These units do not frequently come to market.  If you like the location, please ask me to set up an automated search to intantly inform you when the next unit becomes available.

Price Range:  $500,000-$750,000.  See photos below.

Hamptons Bay NW   (Not to be confused with Hamptons Way NW) in Hamptons, Calgary

Known as 'Chateaux on the 18th', there are some very beautiful views here.  Built in 1998, these units are not condos.  You would only pay an HOA fee for lawn and snow management.   If you enjoy golf, you will absolutely love this location.  The units are large.  Between 1470 and 1770 square feet on the main level.

Price Range:  $550,000-$690,000.  See photos below.

Hamptons Park NW, in Hamptons, Calgary

No condo fees!  Only a monthly HOA fee.  Built in 1992, this horse-shoe-shaped development centres around a nice central greenspace.  Walk to the end of your own street for tennis or pickleball!

Price Range:  $450,000-$575,000.   See photos below.

Hamptons Way NW, in Hamptons, Calgary   Gotta love a golf course view!

These are not condos.  This is a Home Owner Association.  Built in 1999.  Luxurious walkout bungalows with in-slab heat in the basement floor for continuous comfort on both main and basement levels!  Overlooking the golf course and pond plus mature trees!

Price Range:  $700,000-$795,000.   See photos below.

Hawkside Park NW, in Hawkwood, Calgary

The villas at Hawkside Park NW are conventional condos.  They were built in 1988, run between 1050 to 1400 sq.ft, and include some single and some double attached garages.  This development is close to Crowfoot Village and the Crowfoot YMCA.

Price Range:  $320,000-$515,000.  See photos below.

Hidden Valley Green NW, in Hidden Valley, Calgary

No condo fees here!  HOA fees only.  This development was built in 1997.   Some of the units overlook a greenspace (soccer field).  There are some two-storeys here but predominantly bungalows.  Most of the units have an enclosed yard and there are no pet restrictions here... perfect for pet-owners!  Some of the units will have views from the walkout deck to the golf course on the other side of Beddington Trail.

Price Range:  $415,000-$530,000.   See photos below.

Macewan Ridge Villas NW, in Macewan, Calgary  ('Heritage Villas')

'Heritage Villas' are bare land condos, built in 1992.  They have an age-restriction.  Residents must be 50+ (likely soon to be 55+).  There are many walkouts with gentle ravine views.  Some single garages, many double garages.  Nice front porches to visit with the neighbours.  There is a community clubhouse with games room, kitchen, library and dance floor!  Excellent access to pathways through the ravine and surrounding neighbourhood.  There are even pathway tunnels under the surrounding roadways so you can ride a bike on the paths of the neighbouring communities.

$315,000-$505,000.  See photos below.

Kincora Terrace NW, in Kincora, Calgary

No Condo Fees, HOA Fees for Lawn/Snow.  Built in 2004.  Some Walkouts.  This development is surrounded by greenspace.  

Price Range:  $520,000-$600,000.  See photos below.

Macewan Park Heights NW, in Macewan, Calgary  ("Horizon Village - Macewan")

'Horizon Village Villas' can be found throughout the City of Calgary, and they have a 50+ age-restriction (might soon be 55+).  These bungalow villas in Macewan have a mix of single and double garages.  The community clubhouse is a great hub for social activities.  They do not come to market frequently so please let me know if you would like to be notified when the next unit is available.

Price Range:  $290,000-$350,000

10888 Panorama Hills Blvd NW, in Panorama Hills, Calgary  ('Emerald Park')

'Emerald Park' has many units backing directly on the Country Hills Golf Course, and some with very nice pond views.  They are bare land condos (you own the lot) and were built in 1998.  You have to be 18+ to live here.

Price Range:  $360,000-$560,000.  See photos below.

Rocky Ridge Villas NW, in Rocky Ridge, Calgary

Bare Land Condos Built in 1999.  These are semi-detached units ranging in size from 1100 sq.ft. to 1620 sq.ft.  There are a couple of fully detached units on corner lots that are even larger.  Rocky Ridge offers an outdoor waterpark for the grandkids.  Close to so many amenities.  The end of the street connects up with walking paths, and the double-ended cul-de-sac layout makes it easy to get to know your neighbours.

Price Range:  $420,000- $600,000.  See photos below.

Rocky Vista Gardens NW, in Rocky Ridge, Calgary

There are some amazing mountain views here!  There are many bungalows backing south and overlooking Tuscany to the mountains.  Some of the units are raised bungalows (main level over the garage) with amazing views from the main level front balcony.

Price Range:  $425,000-$695,000.  See photos below.

Royal Crest View NW, in Royal Oak, Calgary  ('Royal View Estates')

'Royal View Estates' are bare land condos, built in 2004.  They are located close to Sobeys and Walmart and many other shops.  They have easy access onto Stoney Trail for a quick commute.  There are some 2-storey units and many semi-detached bungalows.  Some of the units have a nice mountain view.

Price Range:  $355,000-$475,000.  This range should stretch upwards.

200 Sandstone Drive NW, in Sandstone Valley, Calgary  ('Sandstone Estates')

Sandstone Estates is a collection of bare land condos (you own the lot) which were built in 1995.  This development sits very close to Nose Hill Park, a great place for an exercise walk.  This is a mixture of two-storey and bungalow units.  These units have a thoughtful design because there are many end-unit bungalows.  The pricing shown below is for the bungalow units.

Price Range:  $360,000-$455,000.  See photos below.

Sandarac Circle NW, in Sandstone, Calgary   ('Horizon Village - Sandstone')

Throughout the City of Calgary you will find several 'Horizon Village' developments.  Like the others, this one has an age-restriction of 50+ (changing to 55+).  They are conventional condos built in 1989.   There is a mix of single and double garages, but all the units are bungalows.

Price Range:  $270,000-$400,000.   See photos below.

Scotia Landing NW, in Scenic Acres, Calgary

These are bare land condos (you own the lot).  All of them are semi-detached bungalows with double attached garages.  They were built in 1999.  The location is great for anyone wanting to use public transit, as the development is within easy walking distance to the Crowfoot Train Station.  Lots of shopping at Crowfoot Village.  For those who have an 'age-in-place' strategy, there is also an assisted living building adjacent to this development so that couples who are straddling the line of independent living can remain very close to one another.

Price Range:  $410,000-$555,000.


Scimitar Heath, Circle and Rise NW, in Scenic Acres, Calgary  'Westchester Pointe'

'Westchester Pointe' is a development of semi-detached bungalows with double garages (and some single garage units).  They have tiled roofing, and many have walkout basements.  There are some amazing city, mountain, and river valley views.  This is a 'bare land' condo development.

Price Range:  $435,000-$550,000.

Scimitar View, Scimitar Landing NW (and some on the Point & Court) 'Westchester Manor'

'Westchester Manor' includes 36 non-condo units forming an HOA Association to deal with exterior maintenance (lawn and snow).  These do not come to market very frequently.  They were built from 1995 to 1998 and range in size from 1250-1665 sq.ft. above grade.  Some are drive-under bungalows, having the garage below the main living space.  Some are conventional bungalows.  Some have walkout basement.  Easy access to Bowness and Bowfort Parks to walk along the river, and quick to shopping at Crowfoot Village.

Price Range:  Three year pricing history ranges from $475,000 to $795,000.

8203 Silver Springs Road NW, in Silver Springs, Calgary  'Aspen Grove'

'Aspen Grove' is not in the SW community of Aspen Woods.  It is in the NW community of Silver Springs.  From the development, there is immediate access to the river pathway system in NW Calgary.  Some of these are split-levels, some are 2-storeys, some are bungalows.  This development was built in 1977.

Price Range:  $335,000-$420,000.

Tuscany Ravine Heights NW, in Tuscany, Calgary  'Tuscany Pointe'

'Tuscany Pointe' is a bare land development.  All of them are semi-detached bungalows with double garages.  There is green space all around!  Built in 2007, there are some walkouts with ravine views.  Some side-entry garages.  The units range in size from 1220 sq.ft. to 1780 sq.ft.

Price Range:  $630,000-$945,000.

Tuscany Village Court NW, in Tuscany, Calgary

You will love the fact that there are no condo fees here, just a low monthly HOA Fee for snow/grass + once/yr amenities fee.   These units range in size from 1230-1380 sq.ft.

Price Range:  $490,000-$590,000

347 Tuscany Estates Rise NW, in Tuscany, Calgary  

Bare land condos, built in 2012-2013.  Upscale feel.  Some very nice mountain and city views.  Monthly condo fee, annual amenities fee.  Square footage range is 1700-2100 sq.ft.

Price Range:  $1,025,000-$1,300,000.

Valley Ridge Heights NW, in Valley Ridge, Calgary  'The Highlands'

'The Highlands' are bare land condos, built from 1998 to 2003.  Very quick access to the mountains, or easy access north/south on Stoney Trail.    There are some units with main level above the garage, and some traditional bungalows.  Roadways into Valley Ridge have been vastly improved!

Price Range:  $345,000-$580,000.  See photos below.

1815 and 1901 Varsity Estates Drive NW, in Varsity, Calgary  ('Chateaux on the Green' and 'Chateaux 2')

Location, location!  'Chateaux on the Green' and 'Chateaux 2' are surrounded by the Silver Springs Golf Course as well as walking paths!  There are many villa-style bungalows here with tremendous views!  Built between 1974 and 1977, these are conventional condos (shared land ownership), and range in size from 1170-2050 sq.ft. (the majority are 1400-1800 sq.ft.).  So many amenities nearby.  

Price Range:  $530,000-$1.2 million.  See photos below.  In the satellite photo, 1815 is the group of villas on the left, 1901 is on the right.

Vandoos Villas and Vandoos Gardens NW, in Varsity, Calgary  ('Horizon Village Varsity')

Ranging in size from 880-1320 sq.ft. on the main level, these bungalow villas are age-restricted to 50+ (likely soon 55+), and are conventional condos (shared land ownership).  The Horizon Centre Clubhouse is a great place to form and build friendships.  There is a library, games room, kitchen, bathrooms and sitting area.  All of the villas have an attached garage, some doubles, and some singles.  Some of the units are semi-detached and some are townhomes (3+ attached units to a structure). 

Price Range:  $325,000-$540,000.  See photos below.

WATERMARK VILLAS (JUST WEST OF TUSCANY):  These villas are almost in NW Calgary, but they sit just outside the City of Calgary limits, which is why they are not featured here.  These are high-end units, all southwest backing, and with devestating mountain views!  You will find a description of this development under '15 Villa Developments In Rural Counties', and then under the sub-tab 'Villa Developments in Rockyview County'.

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