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60 Villa Developments Surrounding Calgary

These Villa Developments will appear in the following order (in a clockwise rotation around Calgary, starting at Cochrane):

Cochrane, Airdrie, Strathmore, Chestermere, Langdon, Okotoks, High River, Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Rural Rockyview, Rural Foothills.    


220 Bow Ridge Court, in Bow Ridge, Cochrane  (Not to be confused with 'Bow Landing' in NW Calgary)

(At the south end of Bow Ridge Court, this little pocket of bungalow villas has greenspace all around.  Built in 1998, these bare land condos range in size from 1325-1550 sq.ft.)

Price Range:  $405,000-505,000.

15 Bow Ridge Crescent, in Bow Ridge, Cochrane

(Built in 1998, these conventional condos are bungalow villas with single or double garages.  The square footage on the main level runs between 1000-1275 sq.ft.)

Price Range:  $285,000-$315,000.

84 Bow Ridge Crescent, in Bow Ridge, Cochrane

(Sorry the satellite image is so hazy).

(Built in 2002-2003, these villas range in size from 1200-1225 sq.ft.  Bare land condos, some with single garage and some with double garage.)

Price Range:  Mid 300's to the mid 400's.)

Fireside Landing, in Fireside, Cochrane

(Built in 2013-2015, Fireside Landing units range in size from 1325-1420 sq.ft. plus basement.  These are bare land condos with double garages, on the south side of Cochrane for easy access to Calgary or Banff via Hwy 1).

Price Range:  $425,000-$550,000.

55 Fireside Circle, in Fireside, Cochrane

(Built in 2017-2018, these bare land condo units are all similarly sized around 1060-1070 sq.ft. on the main.  Their square footage feels larger with impressive vaulted ceilings on the main level). 

Price Range:  $430,000-$500,000.

604 Griffin Road West, in Glenbow, Cochrane  ("Mcgonigle Heights")

(Close to shopping, this development was built in 1996.  The bungalow units are between 980-1070 square feet on the main level.  These are self-managed (no property management company to keep fees low), and they are conventional condos (you share ownership in all the land).  There are two-storeys in this development as well.  The price range quoted is for bungalow units.

Price Range:  $311,000-$340,000.   (They are likely worth more today.  There is a lack of sales history, that's a good thing, people like to stay here.  But that makes it difficult to clearly identify the boundaries of the price range going forward.  Likely a higher bottom and a higher top to the future range).

Eagleview Heights (and Way, Gate, Place), in Gleneagles, Cochrane

(These Gleneagles bare land condos were built in 1995-2001.  They are almost entirely semi-detached bungalow villas with walkout basements and sensational views.  They range in size from 1150-1700 square feet). 

Price Range:  MLS sale prices from recent years have been in a band of $440,000-$670,000.

1000 Glenhaven Way, in Gleneagles, Cochrane

(What a beautiful little pocket of bungalow villas.  Much like the Eagleview Heights units, these are all double-garage bungalow villas, many with walkout basements and incredible views.  All of them are surrounded by greenspace, some of them directly onto the golf course.  Built between 1999-2006, this development is enormously charming and beautifully maintained.  The units range in size between 1150-1600 square feet on the main level).

Price Range:  $475,000-$590,000.

Riverheights View, in River Heights, Cochrane  ("River Heights Villas")

(The bungalow villas at River Heights View are in great demand.  Being located on the south side of Cochrane gives them the great advantage of easy transportation to Calgary or the mountains.   They were built between 2007 and 2015, and range in size between 1000-1360 sq.ft.  All of them are semi-detached with attached garage, and in some cases high ceiling in the garage, adequate for a lift.  They are bare land condos, with a 45+ age requirement, and are self-managed, keeping the fee structure low). 

Price Range:  $390,000-$570,000.

Riviera Way, in Riversong, Cochrane

(These 4-plexes are conventional condos, built in 2013-2014.  They are a clever design with the two middle units of each 4-plex being 2-storey style, with front entry garages, and the two outside units of each 4-plex are bungalows with side entry garages.  Some of these have a river view.  The bungalows range in size from 1400-1500 sq.ft.  The two-storeys range in size from 1880-2020 sq.ft.)

Price Range for Bungalows:  $665,000-$730,000.

Price Range for 2-Storeys:  $545,000-$610,000.

8 Riverview Circle, in Riverview, Cochrane

(The Riverview Villas are bare land condos built between 1992 and 1994.  They are self-managed, and have a minimum age-requirement of 55, which is crucial information if you are buying or selling one of these units.  They range in size from 1100 to 1330 sq.ft. on the main level, and are a mix of walkout and non-walkout basements.  Bow River views!)

Price Range:  $415,000-$490,000.

Precedence Way, Cochrane  (Villas Still Under Construction)

(Call for more details as this is ever-changing)

Sunset Square, in Sunset Ridge, Cochrane 

(Some incredible mountain views from some of these units. Built from 2008-2012, these bungalow villas are at the north end of Cochrane, elevated substantially above the centre of town.  Ranging in size from 1125-1400 sq.ft., some of them have an extra loft/bedroom on an upper level, taking the total space above grade to around 2000 sq.ft.  These have no condo fees, but very reasonable HOA fees for lawn and snow maintenance).

Price Range:  $440,000-$600,000.


100 and 110 Coopers Common SW, in Coopers Crossing, Airdrie

(Both the brown and the grey rooftops are Coopers Common where there is a mixture of 2 -storeys and bungalow villas.   There are some semi-detached and some townhomes.  These units were built between 2004 and 2014.  The bungalows range in size from 1050-1250 sq.ft on the main level.  The 2-storeys run from 1345 to 1780 sq.ft.  The '100' units are bare land condos meaning you own your own lot.  The '110' units are conventional condos meaning all the land is under shared ownership).

Price Range For Bungalow Units:  $315,000-$440,000.

Price Range for 2-Storey Units:  $260,000-$395,000.

Coopers Crescent (and Cove) in Coopers Crossing, Airdrie

(Nuvista Homes began building these villas in 2016.  They are not condos, but self-maintained attached bungalow villas- with some 2-storey units mixed in.  If you want a new or nearly new attached bungalow, without monthly fees, this might be the perfect place for you. The bungalows range in size between 1300 and 1420 sq.ft.  Prices hover around $500,000.  There are similar units being built in Ravenswood.  Call for more details)

103 Fairways Drive NW, in Fairways, Airdrie

(Built in 2002, these bungalow villas range in size from 980-1210 sq.ft.  Some have single garages, and some have a double garage.  Most are semi-detachd, though there are also some triplex townhomes.)

Price Range:  $305,000-$375,000.

300 Chinook Winds Place SW, in Prairie Springs, Airdrie

(Just 22 units in total, the 'Shoreline Villas' have a charming little outdoor seating area overlooking the pond, and a quick link to walking paths alongside the water.  This development is within easy walking distance to Chinook Winds Regional Park, which has an outdoor spray park, ball diamonds, soccer, a skateboard park... tons of fun for visiting grandkids!  The units themselves are nicely finished, ranging in size from 1275-1355 sq.ft. on the main level.  Because the units are fairly new, many of them have never been on the MLS market since they were built.  Just let me know if you want to be informed when one of the units becomes available.)

Price Range:  $430,000-$560,000.     

33 Stonegate Drive NW, in Stonegate, Airdrie

("Parkstone Landing is a collection of 'bare land' condos.  All of them are bungalow villas with single or double garage, or with off-street parking.  They range in size from 970-1125 sq.ft. on the main.  Built in 2000-2002).

Price Range:  $240,000-$320,000

4 Stonegate Drive NW, in Stonegate, Airdrie  (Single garage and off-street parking)

(No more lawnmower or snow shovel required!  'Stonegate Crossing' is a bare land condo development with a mixture of bungalows and 2-storeys.  Bungalow sizes are 950-1145 sq.ft.  Two-storeys are 1110-1245 sq.ft.  Location is close to shopping, restaurants and transportation.)

Price Range for Bungalows:  $220,000-$320,000

Price Range for Two-Storeys:  $185,000-$300,000.

Woodside Rise NW, in Woodside, Airdrie

('The Links at Woodside' is a gated adult-living development (19+).  Bare land condos. Duplex to four-plex bungalow units with single or double garages or off-street parking.  Gated community.  Built 1997-1999 and ranging in size from 800-1075 sq.ft.)

Price Range:  $190,000-$390,000.

Woodside Way NW, in Woodside, Airdrie

('The Greens at Woodside'.  Bare land condo, 19+ adult community.  All units have a single or double garage.  Built 1999-2002.  Units range from 850 sq.ft. to 1090 sq.ft. on the main level).

Price Range:  $220,000-$360,000.

Woodside Close NW, in Woodside, Airdrie

(No condo fees.  Owner-maintained units.  One owner must be 50+ and children living in the home must be 18+.  Built in 1988-1994.   Many of these units overlook the golf course.  Built in 1988-1994, they range in size from 875-1090 sq.ft. on the main.)

Price Range:  $285,000-$360,000.

209 Woodside Drive NW, in Woodside, Airdrie

('Woodside Gardens' are a collection of 50+ townhome bungalows, with no pets allowed.  Single garage or off-street parking.  Unit sizes range from 770-830 sq.ft.  They have either no basement or a partial basement.)

Price Range:  $150,000-$215,000.


Parklane Place in Parkwood, Strathmore

(Built in 1992-1993 these bungalow villas are self-managed bare land condos.  Some units overlook canal/pond/greenspace, and all have single attached garage.  They range in size from 1070-1220 sq.ft.)

Price Range:  $230,000-$290,000.

Ranch Ridge Court, in 'The Ranch', Strathmore

These units are attached at the garage only.  They are not condos.  They are owner-maintained and have fully-enclosed yards.  Bungalow and bi-level units here all have double attached garages, and are between 1080-1205 sq.ft.  The remainder are two-storey units.  Similar properties in Strathmore can be found on Ranch Downs and Ranch Gardens.

Price Range:  $270,000-$340,000.

Centre Street South, Strathmore.  This is a small cluster of 40+ bungalow condos on Centre Street South in Strathmore.  Because the development is very small, the satellite photo is quite grainy, so its not posted here.   If you need more details please let me know.

Strathcona Way (and Strathaven Drive) in Strathaven, Strathmore

(These are not condos.  Units have single garages, and enclosed backyards, bordering onto greenspace.  815-970 sq.ft.)

Price Range:  $250,000-$270,000

Hillvale Crescent (and Hillview Road) in Hillview Estates, Strathmore

930-1405 sq.ft. units.  Not condos.  These are semi-detached bungalow homes with both garage and driveway parking.  Built in 2000-2005.

Price Range:  $250,000-$315,000.

Camara Court, in Cambridge Glen, Strathmore

(Built 2004-2005, 1120-1315 sq.ft.  Non-condo, owner-maintained.)

Price Range: $270,000-$385,000.

Westlake Bay in Strathmore Lakes Estates, Strathmore

(The bungalow villa units at 'Diamond Shores' are 40+ adult living, bare land condos.  Proximity to the lake makes these units very attractive.  Unit sizes range between 1170-1530 sq.ft. on the main level.)

Price Range:  $255,000-$455,000.

Strathmore Lakes Bay, in Strathmore Lakes Estates, Strathmore

(1030-1290 sq.ft.  Years Built:  1993-2001.  Bare land condos. 40+ adult living.  Bordering onto the lake).

Price Range:  $250,000-$420,000.


Marina Drive (and Marina Keys) in Westmere, Chestermere  (New Construction)

(These units are non-condo, semi-detached bungalows.  They are around 1200 sq.ft., and the ones with MLS history so far have sold between $375,000 and $385,000 with double garage and an unfinished basement.  Please contact me for more details.

Sienna Passage (and West Creek Boulevard), in Rainbow Falls, Chestermere

(Bare land condos built in 2007-2009.  Size:  1330-1530 sq.ft. on the main level.  All units have a double garage, and some have walkout basements.  Back onto greenspace or linear pond.)

Price Range:  $410,000-$530,000.

Cove Rise and Cove Hill, in Chestermere

(You should consider taking a drive to see this development.  Built in 2003-2006, these bungalow villas range in size from 1210-1720 sq.ft.  They have no condo fees.  There is a very low HOA fee for grass-cutting and snow removal).

Price Range:  $375,000-$420,000.

Invermere Close, Chestermere

(No lawnmower, no snow shovel, and no condo fees!  Between 1170 and 1410 sq.ft.  Very reasonable HOA fee.  Built in 2002-2004).

Price Range:  $395,000-$460,000.

East Lakeview Place, Chestermere

(Between 1090 sq.ft. - 1205 sq.ft.  Built 2006-2007.  No condo fees or HOA fees.  Enclosed backyards, owner-maintained.)

Price Range:  $295,000-$390,000.

100 Lakeside Greens Place, Chestermere

(Built in 1992-1993.  1080-1445 sq.ft.  No condo fees, only low HOA fees for landscaping and snow removal.  Some units back onto the golf course.)

Price Range:  $360,000-$430,000.

West Creek Bay, Chestermere

(Built 2000-2001 and ranging in size from 1040 sq.ft. to 1100 sq.ft.  These units have no condo fees or HOA fees so they are owner-maintained.)

Price Range:  $310,000-$360,000.


Boulder Creek Green, Langdon  (and 2-storeys on Boulder Creek Way)

(No condo fees, and walking distance to the championship Boulder Creek Golf Course.  Built in 2010-2012, these semi-detached bungalows range in size from 1310-1440 sq.ft.  Fully enclosed backyards, great for gardening or playspace for grandkids.  The 2-storeys backing onto these properties were also built as semi-detached units.  They were built 2008-2011).

Price Range for Bungalows:  $365,000-$420,000.   Satellite photo shows bungalows only.

Price Range for 2-Storeys:  $385,000-$425,000.

Van Horn Court N, Langdon

('The Homesteads' are a handful of bare land condos, close to schools and Langdon Park.  These units were built in 2006-2007.  They range in size from 1155-1250 sq.ft.  Each unit has a single garage and front porch.  If you have never been to Langdon, just take Glenmore Trail/Hwy 8 east from Stoney Trail and you literally can't miss it).

Price Range:  $265,000-$320,000.


Cimarron Estates Green, in Cimarron Estates, Okotoks

(Now these are fantastic Villa-Style Bungalows, with many units backing toward the Sheep River!  Built 2007-2010.  These are very nicely maintained, not as condos, but under a Home Owner Assocation, keeping the monthly fees very reasonable, and the surroundings very beautiful.  Sizes range from 1160-1605 sq.ft.  Paved pathways from these villas will take you all over the town of Okotoks if you want a good walk or bike ride.  Units have high vaulted ceiling inside, making the home feel larger and allowing for larger back windows for tons of natural lighting).

Price Range:  $415,000-$640,000.

Crystal Green Rise, in Crystal Green, Okotoks

(Built 2006-2012, each of these units comes with a double garage and backs on the golf course.   This is very rare among villas, backing onto a 9-hole golf course, and in a lake community!  These are not condos, but have low monthly HOA fees for snow and lawn maintenance.  There is an annual fee of $263 to the lake association, giving you, and your guests, access for boating, fishing, skating, and swimming.  This is a man-made lake, which is very nicely maintained.  The bungalow units range in size from 1210-1320 sq.ft. on the main level.  Some of the units have some additional development over the garage, increasing their square footage to around 1800 sq.ft. plus basement.)

Price Range:  $415,000-$590,000.  

Rowland Lane, in the Air Ranch, Okotoks

(Welcome to the 'Air Ranch' in Okotoks.  Located close to Okotoks Air Ranch Airport, this development has units backing onto tranquil ponds and greenspace which serve as a natural bird habitat, and a stopping point for some of Okotoks' many deer.  Bare land condos, built in 2003-2004.  All units are bungalow with double garages, and nice exterior timber detailing at the front of each villa.  Sizes:  From 990-1510 sq.ft.)

Price Range:  $370,000-$575,000. 

Crystalridge Terrace and View, in Crystalridge, Okotoks

(Villa-Style Bungalows ranging from 1020-1570 sq.ft., and built between 2000 and 2007.  Owner-maintained- no fees related to property maintenance.  Exactly the same lake privileges and annual fee as the golf course villas- $253/yr.  Some of these units have spectacular mountain views.)

Price Range:  $420,000-$520,000.

105 Elm Place in Okotoks

(Built in 1192-1994.  What lovely Villa Style Bungalow development, close to all the quaint coffee shops and boutiques in the centre of town.  Sizes are between 960-1035 sq.ft. with a mix of single or double attached garages.  The 'Park Haven Villas' are bare land condos.  Age-restriction: 45+).

Price Range:  $245,000-$340,000.

Sandstone Court (and Sandstone Drive and Sandstone Ridge Crescent), Okotoks

(No condo fees.  No HOA fees.  Years built: 1993-1999.  Sizes: 920-1375 sq.ft.  Walking distance to grocery shopping and very close to Tudor Manor).

Price Range:  $315,000-$520,000.

Sheep River View, in Sheep River,  Okotoks

(These Villas are bare land condos built in 2007-2008, by the same builder as Cimarron Estates Green.  They literally have greenspaces all around them.   Beautiful views in all directions as this little pocket of villas is located on the crest of a little hill, in a wonderfully quiet location.  Sizes are 1270-1440 sq.ft.)

Price Range:  $520,000-$625,000.

100 Sheep River Drive, Okotoks

(Removed from the main Drive on a low-traffic off-shoot.  Walk-out basements.  Good-sized units, between 1440 and 1595 sq.ft.  Beautiful views.  Exteriors have been updated.  Age-requirement is 55+.  The pathway that you can see in the satellite photo run along the river for the full east-west width of the Town of Okotoks).

Price Range:  $460,000-$625,000.

Sheep River Mews, in Sheep River, Okotoks

(Built in 1997-1998.  Units have 970-1280 sq.ft. on the main level.  This is a quiet cul-de-sac location.  These are not condos and the HOA maintenance fee is about the lowest you will find anywhere in the towns surrounding Calgary.  No age-restriction.  Most units have a finished basement.)

Price Range:  $355,000-$425,000.


Sunrise Place (and Sunvale Crescent & Sunvale Place) NE in Sunrise/Sunshine Meadows, High River

(NO STAIRS- literally none!  Bungalow style villas with no basement, and no stairs at the front entry.  Built 2007-2015, with single garages.  Conventional condos with 19+ age requirement.  Sizes range from 680-1250 sq.ft.  Slab heat on the main level).

Price Range:  $130,000-$325,000

High Park Circle and Place NW, in Highwood Village, High River

(No condo fees, very low maintenance fee (HOA fee) for lawn and snow.  Built in 2007-2016.  1120-1460 sq.ft. on the main level.)

Price Range:  $305,000-$450,000. 

Riverside Place, Road, Drive, Blvd, and Crescent NW, in High River

(Very close to Highwood Golf and Country Club.  No condo fees, only HOA for lawn & snow.   This is a large grouping of Villa-style bungalows.  Built 1997-2012.  910-1460 sq.ft.)

Price Range (since 2016, post-flood, and post-flood cleanup):  $235,000-$420,000.

High View Point, Park and Parkway NW, in High River

(Beautifully surrounded by golf course on all sides.  Not condos, HOA-maintained, low fees.  1060 sq.ft.-1570 sq.ft.

(Price Range:  $250,000-$440,000.)

Lineham Acres NW, High River

(Built in 1997-2001.  Unit sizes are 930-1400 sq.ft.  Many of the villas back directly onto park/greenspace.)

Price Range:  $260,000-$340,000.

Freeman Way NW, High River:

(Welcome to Polo Park, a bare land condo development.  Built in 1994-2000, with a few built later in 2011.  830-1230 sq.ft.)

Price Range:  $180,000-$330,000.

Baker Creek Drive, Place, and Rise SW, High River:

(Bare land condos, built in 1999.  Age restriction 19+.  850-1130 sq.ft.  Each unit has an attached garage).

Price Range:  $220,000-$355,000.

Montana Bay SE, in Montrose, High River. New Construction:

(No condo fees or HOA fees.  Some units overlook dog park.  Some overlook Sheppard Family Park.  Some overlook pond.  11230-1340 sq.ft.   Years Built 2018+.)

Price Range:  $350,000-$445,000.


Ridgestone Lane SW (and some units fronting onto 3rd St. SW) in Black Diamond, Foothills County. 

(Semi-detached:  Built 2007-2018.  Full basements and attached garages.  1100-1235 sq.ft.)

Price Range for semi-detached units:  $255,000-$380,000.

(Townhome units:  Built 2007-2009.  Found at 100 and 116 Ridgestone Lane.  No basements.  Stall parking.  670-695 sq.ft.)

Price Range for townhome units:  $130,000-$170,000.


825 and 925 Imperial Drive, in Turner Valley.  Many beautiful views overlooking golf course.

(The villas at 825 Imperial Drive- the units with stucco exterior- were built in 2006-2007.  Sizes:  1020-1245 sq.ft.  Full basements, double garages.  Self-managed bare land condos with low monthly fees).

Price Range at 825 Imperial Drive:   $285,000-$350,000.

(The villas at 925 Imperial Drive were built in 2005-2017.  Sizes:  1050-1350 sq.ft.  Full basements, double garages.  Also self-managed bare land condos with low fees.

Price Range at 925 Imperial Drive:  $335,000-$435,000.



Stonepine Cove & Drive, and Granite Ridge in 'Stonepine', part of Springbank, Rockyview County

(Built from 2001-2008, Stonepine is a gated community featuring 'bare land' villa-style bungalows.  They have mountain views, golf course views and beautifully treed and maintained surroundings.  Bungalow sizes range from 1700-2260 sq.ft. on the main.)

Price Range:  $850,000-$1.9 million

Bent Tree Place, in Elbow Valley, Rockyview County

(Built in 1999-2002.  Bungalow sizes range between 1465 and 1615 sq.ft.  All units have double garages.  These villas have a monthly HOA fee and a monthly condo fee but neither of them is very high.   The community is phenomenal.  20 kms of walking trails, golf, tennis courts, basketball, fishing, and a lake for swimming.)

Price Range:  $645,000-$780,000.

Whispering Woods Terrace, in Elbow Valley, Rockyview County  (South of Hwy 8)

(Bare land condo ownership.  Villa-style bungalows built in 2000-2004.  1590-2010 sq.ft.)

Price Range:  $760,000-$980,000.

Whispering Water Way, Elbow Valley, Rockyview County (North of Hwy 8)

(These are all 2-storey attached condo units, included here because they are low-maintenance, and the location is superb).

Clearwater Way, Elbow Valley, Rockyview County

(Bare land units.  Built 2003-2006.  1620-1735 sq.ft.  Quiet cul-de-sac location.  Some units back onto environmental reserve.)

Price Range:  $620,000-$1.2 million (asking)

Elbow Ridge Haven, in Elbow Valley, Rockyview County

(Welcome to Riverside Villas.  Only steps away from the river, these 'bare land' bungalow villas were built between 2004 and 2009.  These units are very spacious, ranging from 1860 to 2170 sq.ft. on the main level.  If you live here you will belong to the Elbow Valley Residents Club, which carries an annual HOA fee for amenities.  The condo fee for outside maintenance is quite reasonable.  The surroundings are absolutely beautiful.)

Price Range:  $800,000 - $1.75 million.

Alpine Meadow, in Elbow Valley, Rockyview County

(The high majority of these units were built 2001-2002.  Bare land.  They are self-managed under the Elbow Valley Residents Club.  There are bungalows and just a couple of 2-storeys here.  Bungalow sizes are 1520-1650 sq.ft. above grade.  The 2-storeys - 2030 sq.ft.)

Bungalow Price Range:  $630,000-$790,000.

Lott Creek Hollow, in Elbow Valley, Rockyview County  "Hidden Hollow Villas"

(Built from 1998-2000.  Overlooking the Elbow Springs Golf Course.  Sizes:  1415-1750 sq.ft.  Quick access to Aspen or Westhills in Calgary, or west on Hwy 8 to Bragg Creek or Canmore.)

Price Range:  $630,000-$835,000

Lott Creek Green (and Lott Creek View), in Elbow Valley, Rockyview County

"The Villas at Lott Creek Green"

(These Villas are a little further west in Elbow Valley, and a little newer compared to Lott Creek Hollow.  Built 2005-2006.  Bare land.  Surrounded by expansive green spaces.  1520-1610 sq.ft.)

Price Range:  $720,000-$1,050,000.

Watermark Villas, in Bearspaw, Rockyview County "Villas at Watermark"

(Bare land.  Built in 2013-2016.  Terraced villas.  All walkouts backing southwest.  All units have an attached double garage and range in size from 955 to 1380 sq.ft.   Fantastic mountain views and located on the edge of Calgary, close to shopping, quick access to Crowchild.  Close to Lynx Ridge and Bearspaw golf courses.)

Price Range:  $700,000-$950,000

Pipit Bay (and Pipit Glen, and Yarrow Gate), in Harmony, Rockyview County

(Located in the golf and lake community of Harmony.  Close to Mickelson National Golf Club.  New construction started in 2018.  Not condos, HOA fee only for the lake community.  The villa lots are owner-maintained.  Size: 1450-1565 sq.ft. on the main level.

Price Range:  700's - 800's.

Prince of Peace Village Villas, Rockyview County  (East side of Calgary)

(Built between 1995 and 2004.  935-1320 sq.ft.  Each unit includes attached garage, double or single.  Bare land.  55+ age requirement.  Quiet country living without pushing snow or cutting grass.)

Price Range:  $260,000-$485,000.


Sunrise Way in Priddis Greens, Foothills County (Not to be confused with 'Sunrise Way' in Cochrane or Turner Valley, neither of which have villas.)

(Stunning golf course views.  Sunrise Way in Priddis Greens is a collection of conventional condos, meaning all the condo land is under shared ownership.  These villa-style bungalows each sit on roughly .25 to .30 acres.  Built in 1986-1988.  Sizes:  1200-1800 sq.ft.  Each unit has a double garage and tile roofing.)

Price Range:  $350,000-$644,000.  (Only a single unit sold for $350,000 - in 2019.  The rest have sold above $430,000.)

Sunset Way in Priddis Green, Foothills County

(Same concept as Sunrise Way, but a couple years newer.  Built in 1989-1990.  1690-1800 sq.ft.  Conventional condos.  Each villa surrounded by .25-.33 acres. of shared-ownership land.  Some amazing mountain and forest views as well.)

Price Range:  $535,000-$815,000.  The top end of the price range would be renovated.

Ravine Drive, in Heritage Pointe, Foothills County  "The Ravine Villas at Heritage Pointe"

(Bare land.  Built 1998-2001.  Some units back on the golf course, others back on the ravine.  Sizes:  1322-1545 sq.ft. on the main level.  Mostly walk-out basements.)

Price Range:  $570,000-$665,000.

Spring Water Close, in Artesia at Heritage Pointe, Foothills County

(Bare land.  Built 2014-2017.  1600-1700 sq.ft.  Some side-entry triple garages but all have at least a double garage.  City and mountain views available from this location.  Just minutes away from South Calgary Health.  High level finishing.  Notice the tennis courts in the aerial photo.)

Price Range:  $690,000-$865,000.

Artesia Gate, in Artesia at Heritage Pointe, Foothills County

(Very similar to Spring Water Close, same builder.  Bare land.  Built 2011-2013.  1590-1700 sq.ft.  Plenty of walking paths and great views.)

Price Range:  $695,000-$920,000.

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